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Author: Tracey Lawrence
Date created: 07/22/2003 6:39 PM CDT

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LA-04-03-02, Reading
Grade 4
Activity Details
This lesson is a part of CCSD's Fourth Grade Standards-Based Lessons Notebook.
District Content Objective:
LA-04-03-02 -Demonstrate Active Reading by Comprehending (Objective) S -Supporting The student will demonstrate active reading by comprehending written material. The student will: ...
b) Use additional strategies for comprehending written material. These may include:
° Understanding idioms, puns, similes, and metaphors. ° Recognizing cultural differences.

Because utilizing EdGate is a student centered activity, teacher instructions are not a separate component of this lesson.

ACTIVITY ONE: approximate time 15-30 min.

Students will be using to understand idioms that are used by playing the idioms online game. This activity is needs based for practice, remediation and/or enrichment.   For more information preview the student copy and laminate prior to the actual learning experience.

**Students will need to understand how to open the Fourth Grade Curriculum page using the CCSD Technology Curriculum Home Page or how to access EdGate before they participate in this activity.

Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: Grades span K-4
Content Standard 1: Reading
Students read a variety of grade level materials, applying strategies appropriate to various situations.
Benchmark 2: Students use decoding skills to read fluently (i.e., phonetic clues, structural analysis, context clues and illustrations).
Benchmark 3: Students gain meaning of new vocabulary words in reading passages (i.e., context clues, diagrams, illustrations, captions, and glossary).
This lesson helps to meet District Content Objective:

LA-04-03-02  - Demonstrate Active Reading by Comprehending (Objective) S - Supporting

This district content objective will be assessed according to CCSD requirements.