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We extend a greeting on behalf of the faculty, students and staff of the Division of Education at Mayville State University. The challenge of continuous improvement has facilitated much change as MSU celebrates its historic 125th anniversary. We are celebrating our past with a focus on the future, preparing teachers for the 21st Century classroom through the processes of experience and reflection. During this visit focused solely on Standard 4: Diversity, we will strive to demonstrate evidence that we have adequately addressed the areas for improvement.

We are eager to welcome the national team to North Dakota. As the state with the strongest economy in the nation, the second lowest population (approximately 700,000) yet greatest percentage of population growth, our educational systems occur in a distinctive context. MSU is one of the smallest, publicly funded 4-year universities in the nation; we value the unique mix of academia and small-town living. As such, we greatly anticipate the opportunity to demonstrate this quality of life to the team during our on-site visit in April, 2015.

We understand the importance of our role as an educator preparation provider to train future teachers with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to effectively teach all students. The MSU faculty look forward to the accreditation process that assures quality and supports progress.

Author: Sarah Anderson
Last modified: 3/11/2019 7:04 PM (EDT)