Kate Billerman Portfolio

Kate Billerman Portfolio

This portfolio represents my professional growth during my time at Western Governor's University. It contains best practice lessons and projects, examples of authentic assessment, and evidence of how I met my professional goal of improved nursing instruction.

Professional Mission Statement

“To enhance the health and healing of all patients within my care to the best of my ability as if they were family, without prejudice, to always have a conscience and be considerate of my patients’ privacy and well-being, and to always uphold my coworkers and collaborators to the same standard.”

Table of Contents

Professional Summary: This section includes my professional resume, a professional reference questionnaire and an explanation of my strengths as a nurse.  It also shows my growth as a professional through the WGU BSN program.  

Quality and Safety:This section reflects upon the importance of quality and safety in nursing practice and includes a certificate from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).  

Evidence-Based Practice:This section discusses using current research to guide best nursing practices and includes a research paper of how evidence-based practice applies to nursing.  

Community and Population Health:This section discusses how a nurse can work within a community to diagnosis community issues, and provide positive patient outcomes. It also includes my community project. 

Applied Leadership:This area talks about the importance of leadership and collaboration in order to become an effective leader and includes my Leadership Learning Experience Project.  

Appendix:This section includes all papers discussed and utilized throughout my professional portfolio.  It also includes some certificates that I received as a nursing student and links to websites.  

Sources: This section includes any sources used throughout my portfolio.

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