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Mission and Program Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program is to provide counseling students with the most recent research, technology, necessary training, and supervision required to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). The program is committed to preparing students to be knowledgeable, ethical, competent, self-aware, and professionally mature.  Our students will hold a strong counselor identity, be dedicated to advocacy efforts, and display a respect for diverse populations and multiculturalism in their role as counselors.  The program will qualify students as clinical mental health counselors and provide them with the necessary skills to become fully functioning counselors who work in a variety of related settings and fields in an evolving diverse society.  The Masters of Arts with a major in  clinical mental health is for students who wish to work in various public or private  settings, requires 60 semester hours.


Program Objectives

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program aims to prepare students as effective professional counselors using a Clinical Mental Health Counseling philosophy/identity.

The program objectives are:

1)  Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to serve diverse client populations.

2)  Students will be prepared to engage in ethical counseling practice.

3)  Students will be able to use research and data to inform their counseling practice.

4)  Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to diagnosis and treat a variety of mental health issues.


Author: Deborah Foshee
Last modified: 08/19/2021 10:59 AM (CDT)