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Self Enrollment Codes

***Please be advised that Spring 2020 self-enrollment codes have been turned off. If you need to enroll in a Spring 2020 course, please email include the course prefix, number and section. Summer 2020 self-enrollment codes are now available.***


Self Enrollment Codes are used to link students with courses. To find codes for your courses, click on the link below. (note: If the file does not have the current term at the end of the codes, try reloading your page.) 


Most codes represent the course number, the section and the term i.e. EDF1005-U01SP10. All letters are capitals, all 0s are zero, and the dash is required.


These codes change every semester, and are activated at the beginning of the semester. The codes are turned off in the first week of the following semester.

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  1. Summer 2020 Self-Enrollment Codes Summer 2020 Self-Enrollment Codes
    Updated: 7/7/20
Author: FIU Manager
Last modified: 7/7/2020 9:10 AM (EDT)