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We don't actually do Astrology in Fourth Grade but I do encourage the students to see if they can see any meteors during meteor showers. Here is where I get my information about the showers:


Salt composition:

States of matter:

Make a liquid into solid (ice cream!)

Conservation of Mass/Matter

young child's idea of mass/matter

Marshmallow Challenge

Physical vs. Chemical Reactions

You decide:

Hot Ice:

Using your senses:

Do you see what I see?

Acids and Bases:

Edible Clouds:


Introduction to Electricity:

episode 1:

school house rock:

episode 2:

episode 3:

Saving Energy:

Electrical Safety World:

Spot the hazard page:

Electricity and famous contributors for kids:



Bill Nye the Science Guy: Energy

Fault line Websites

Click on the many different map options on the bottom right.

Fault animations used in class while the students used clay.

Fault animations showing the result with some trees/river on land.

Fault animation showing erosion over time.

Hot Springs and Geysers


Igneous Rock Formation:

New Hot Spring at Yellowstone:

What some people do with Hot Springs:

Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone Still photo real-time webcam, what do the hot springs look like right now?:

Mentos Geyser

What is a geyser?

Old Faithful:

Human Body

The Human Body Site for Kids: (Heart and Immune Cells Videos then quiz after)

Circulatory and Cardiovascular System:



About the heart

Anatomy of the Human Heart:

Blood Types:

Contents of Blood:

What is hemoglobin?:

Coagulation of the blood:

Sheep Heart:

Spleen and Liver anatomy and function:

Respiratory System:


Just for Fun:

Life Cycle

Maps and Topography

Introduction to Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude Game

Prime Meridian

Finding Distance on a Map

Time Zones

Time Zone Game

Latitude and Longitude

Topography maps of NH

Make your own mountain and topographic map

Topographic fly through of the ring of fire

Topographic map of the world


Weather Versus Climate:

Greenhouse Effect:

Cold Forest Climate:

Temperate Climate:

Dry Desert:

Thunder and Lightning:



Difference between a tornado and a hurricane

Changing the weather:

Making a barometer:

How does a barometer work:

History of:

Air Pressure Explained:

Prevailing Winds Image:

Water Cycle:

Make Lightning:



How formed, what types, examples:

Mountain Animals in place of the chapter (30 minutes long)

Mountain Ranges Video

Mariana Trench:

Video link

Pangea Lesson Websites

Wegener's Theory of Continental Drift

Click on motion and pull the arrow back and forth to see the formation of our continents from Pangea.


Same site as the earthquake/fault line comparison. Volcanoe/fault line comparison.

Ring of Fire:

Virtual Fly Through, over the ring of fire:

Create your own virtual volcano:


You tube videos on volcanoes.

Learn about volcanoes:

Videos: National Geographic Cartoon (12 min)


I lava You:

Famous Volcanoes:

Mount St. Helens:




America's 10 most dangerous volcanoes:


Water Cycle


What are sound waves?:

Sound Waves: Guitar Strings

Sound Waves Traveling through different mediums


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