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Supplies needed for science classes 2016-2017

All 678 science students will need the following supplies this year.

Students in science classes will need to bring to class daily the following items;

- a composition book for science journaling (preferably the marble composition type, NOT spiral bound)

- a calculator

- a metric ruler

- a binder, filled with standard size binder paper (once again, NOT spiral bound)

- pencils and pens (black and blue only for science work) - mechanical pencils are best, students should have a good supply of lead and erasers.


Other useful materials to have on hand to use for activities and projects, these can be stored in student cubbies.

- colored pencils, and pens, NO markers please, they tend to bleed through paper and make work hard to see.)

- colored and white card-stock 

- duct tape - your choice of color, though the basic grey is the least expensive

For projects, please collect and save recyclable materials such as cardboard, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and any boxes of simular weight, egg cartons, yogurt cups/containers, soda and water bottles, lids of all kinds - metal and plastic, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, etc. Save and collect anything that can be used for a potential project. (all items MUST be clean and free of food products before they are brought to school for use)

I will be asking students to bring in their own materials to create projects throughout the year, the more you have saved, the less you have to purchase for your student to create a project.

We do not have space to store the recyclable materials in school, please keep a neat box of them at home to bring in only when needed.

I am looking forward to a great year in Science with all of you!!



Author: Donna Collins
Last modified: 5/4/2016 9:15 AM (EST)