Dryden Elementary School

Dryden Elementary School


About Dryden Elementary 

In 1879, the town of Dryden came into existence when it was named for the Postmaster, Alf T. Dryden.  Located in Southwestern Virginia, at an elevation of 1500 feet, it has a population of approximately  850 and is primarily a farming region.  Today farming is still an important industry to Dryden; however, many residents are now employed in the coal and clothing industries as well as retail sales.

    Formerly Dryden Combined School, Dryden Elementary School first opened its doors to students during the fall of 1989.  Dryden Elementary is a consolidation of Pennington Elementary and Dryden Combined Schools.  This was brought about in 1989 with the consolidation of Lee County Schools.

Dryden Elementary School
176 School House Ridge Rd.
Dryden, VA 24243
(276) 546-4443 Phone
(276) 546-5185 Fax
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