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Mrs. Mona C. Baker, Principal





Welcome to Dryden Elementary School located in Dryden, Virginia.  Our school consists of grades K-5, along with Headstart programs and Special Education Preschool.  Our average student population is 360 students, making us one of the largest elementary schools in Lee County.  We are fully accredited and we take pride in having successful students and teachers!

There are many qualities that make our school successful.  One of the major factors for success is our dedication for student achievement.  We make decisions based upon what is best for our students and each teacher strives to educate those students on whatever level they may be in the classroom.  Another factor for success is the dedication of our students.  It is evident as you walk around that the students take pride in what they are learning.  They come up to me every day and share stories about what they are learning in class. 

If we want Dryden Elementary School to continue being successful we will all need to work together in the year to come.  We need to support each other and always do what is best for the students.  I urge parents to attend as many meetings, Parent Nights, and special events as they can and keep in touch with your child's teacher.

I am looking forward to working with you throughout the school year.  Remember that you can contact me here at the school at 546-4443.  When we work together, all students can be successful!


Mona Baker



Author: David Long
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