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Welcome to the FSU Critical Friends website. This website is designed to share information related to Critical Friends Group (CFG) meetings (upcoming meeting dates, meeting agendas and materials) and resources to support the development and work of CFs.  Resources to support the Program Assessment Report review process,  the professional development offered through the Summer Academy, and CF support for the assessment process are also available.  In addition, resources specific to the assessment of General Studies are included.  All members of the FSU community are encouraged to explore the website and make use of the materials and information available here as we collaborate in the assessment process and development of our assessment system. 

We hope your find the information and materials helpful.  If you need support or have questions about the work of the Critical Friends group, please contact:

Van Dempsey, VP, Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness, vdempsey@fairmontstate.edu

Deb Hemler, CF Co-Convener, Debra.Hemler@fairmontstate.edu

Jaci Webb-Dempsey, CF Co-Convener, jwebbdempsey@fairmontstate.edu 

If you need assistance with TaskStream, please contact Erica Garrett at egarrett@fairmontstate.edu



Author: Jaci Webb-Dempsey
Last modified: 5/17/2015 2:51 PM (EST)