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TEST: A Four Letter Word

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Since the moment I saw the title of this workshop I just knew I had to attend. I actually had planned on attending anothe workshop with this organization in the fall but it was canceled. They offered me credit to take another one in the future. Which made me feel like it was fate for me to take this workshop. I had taken a workshop with this presenter before and knew she was very smart. She started off the presentation by explaining common test and processes interpreters experience. As someone who has not joined the field yet this preparation was amazing. I really got a good look at what was to come. 

Reflection on my notes:

-NIC only has a 34% passing rate // this is probably because so many people take it right out of their interpreting program but it also made me feel comfortable if I dont pass the national certification my first time

-"Always do the ones you know first" // She talked about how getting caught up on a question you dont know shortens the amount of time you have answering the question you definetly know. 

-"Be generally right instead of specifically wrong"// When interpreting try to avoid making up details. If you did not catch it try to say a general topic. 

-"Looking confused changes the facial grammar" // What this means is facial expressions can change meaning in ASL if you are looking confused but you are signing the correct signs then you are shooting yourself in the foot by changing the facial grammar. Fake it til you make it. 

-Think of something positive, prepare a note, pretend to sign to a favorite deaf consumer or someone who doesnt know ASL// These are some tips I took away for preparing for actually taking the test. They really focused on positivity and remaining confident cool calm and collected

-Have a plan of action // Map out your timeline for taking the test and retaking the test also plan the day before , day of and after. Have a reward

-Go to more deaf events // Learning ASL and signing comes more natural when you are comfortable signing

Final Thoughts:

A lot of the tips and preperation have to do with being confident and experienced with the process and what to expect. This workshop helped me gain knowledge of those things. I think staying positive has always been difficult and what I learned is that it can really affect your scores. 

Author: Noberto Garcia
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