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Prompt #5


Folio Café, week of 2/27: As you reflect on your academic and career goals once your complete your bachelor’s degree, what do you think is the best next step for you, i.e., gap year before pursuing graduate school, employment, graduate school, etc.

It is so crazy that I have gotten here so far and honestly it has been such an overwhelming experience to be so close to graduating with my associate degree. Honestly when I started, I thought I was wasting my time because I thought I was wasting time and money but here I am. After I finish my bachelor's degree in interpreting, I want to go back and get my masters because I want to teach. I am so afraid of taking a break because I feel like once I stop school I will not want to go back, or I will fall out of the rhythm of going to school. But I think I need to do some years of actually working in the field before I become a professor. I can't teach a profession if I have not fully immersed myself into that profession. So, I think some years of employment before I go back to get my graduate degree are important. Where do I want to go? That is another question. I am thinking about going to Gallaudet because I would really like the experience of being in a Deaf and ASL predominate school. Whatever I do I have attached this quote because it really resonates with me as I prepare for the future. Maybe I don’t have all the plans worked out for my master's degree but there was once a time where I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my associates now here I am on the other side. I am sure it will be the same case with my master's degree. I just need to take it one step at a time.  

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