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Prompt 1


Folio Café, week of 1/30: E-Portfolios are now a necessary part of your career search and education experience. How do you think e-portfolios impact your career search and are you comfortable presenting yourself in this format? Why or why not?

I like e portfolios because it shows me a way to manage information. Usually when we grow up we learn to list things out in order to display information but with an e portfolio I have really gotten comfortable with being able to present information in a more dynamic way that lays the information out in a way that is easier to follow and understand. this also helps me be more flexible when I am looking for a job and I have to navigate their application and websites. Some people like me who are ADHD have a hard time to follow instructions that are in multiple locations. I like direct and foward information but with learning how to create and manage an e portfolio I can better know what to look out for if the information is not neatly listed out in a word document but in a dynamic e setting. 

When I first started this e portfolio I really looked at it as a task or something to do but really it has become a journal to me. It logs my acomplishments and projects and it even helps me keep me acountable to grow and progress. It has even translated to job skills because I am more comfortable created an unique powerpoint presentation with different layouts and components rather than a bunch of boring slides and listing out bullets. I think in a way it has really caused me to think outside the box and to manage information that best suits me. I can see myself creating an e portfolio for my work experience and for job training. 

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