Susan Gaskin-Noel

Susan Gaskin-Noel


Susan Gaskin-Noel began her professional career at Mercy College in January 2000 as a Reference and Instruction Librarian, and Web Content Manager was added to her title shortly thereafter.  Over the years, in addition to teaching Information Literacy and performing other library-related duties, she has worked closely with the College's Information Technology department on web design and other related issues.  Ms. Gaskin-Noel is also charged with spearheading Web 2.0 technologies for the libraries, which include learning new software applications, creating accounts and utilizing programs such as - Libraryh3lp, SMS Google Talk, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - for the libraries.  A couple of years ago, she created a Web Usability Study, which was administered to a small group of students, faculty, staff and administrators. The positive responses were incorporated into the libraries' present website. Most recently, Ms. Gaskin-Noel has been appointed Library Liaison to the School of Health and Natural Science, as well as Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) representative to the libraries. .  Additionally, Susan is the library’s administrator and primary trainer of the College’s subscription bibliographic management software program RefWorks, and its database and survey tool REDCap.

For the past several years, Ms. Gaskin-Noel has been teaching two Occupational Therapy prerequisite courses for the Health Sciences department – Introduction to Health Professions Literature and Scientific Writing (HLSC225) and Scientific Writing (HLSC 402), and has taught the library course Using the Web for Research (LISC260).  Although she teaches Information Literacy regularly, these adjunct teaching positions have allowed her increased exposure and ability to develop meaningful working relationships with students and faculty.  Additionally, she has served on the Faculty Development and Multicultural Committees, and currently serve on the Academic Computing Committee (ACC) and Graduate Academic Policy Committee.  She is also an invited member of the School of Health and Natural Sciences Technology Committee.  For the past two summers, she has been chosen as the librarian to the McNair Scholars program.  Most recently, Ms. Gaskin-Noel has added the title of FIR (Faculty-in-Residence) to her function and responsibilites here at Mercy.

Ms. Gaskin-Noel's official title of Reference and Instruction Librarian goes much deeper than it implies.  Her role has morphed into an undefinable yet amazing career, partly because of the changing demographics of librarianship.  The library has adopted new and innovative ways of serving its users - Learning Commons Model and Personal Librarianship - to which the response has been positive.  Moreover, because of the new paradigm of higher education in general, which require a whole new skill set, she has acquired an eclectic collection of knowledge by self learning, attending conferences, workshops, webinars, and other scholarship opportunities.


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