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Posted December 22, 2008

"Many of the teachers at St. Charles Elementary grew up in the area and went to school there. Not only do they know the students' parents, but a lot of the students' extended family. They have a very caring attitude toward the students."
Submitted by a teacher


Posted April 30, 2008

"St. Charles is a wonderful school. The students have many great learning experiences every day and the atmosphere is inviting and conducive to the educational process."
Submitted by a teacher


Posted December 1, 2007

"St. Charles Elementary School provides many educational tools for the students at the school. The teachers are very caring and help the children in every way possible. Wonderful open door policy for the parents. The school provides many opportunities for the parents to help their children succeed. At the end of the day when school is let out , the school provides After School activities for the children . What a wonderful Learning Environement. I am proud to say my children attend St. Charles Elem!"
Submitted by a parent


 (February 2005)
"Wonderful caring atmosphere provided by staff, parents, and community. Has the most interesting hands on activities to promote learning."

 (October 2004)
"The school continues to grow and is one of the top elementary schools in the county. The teachers are caring and work very hard to help the children. The principal has an open door policy. Great school for children."

 (September 2004)
"Outstanding school that has been accredited for the past four years and meets the AYP for NCLB. Child centered school."

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