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In 2013, St. Charles Elementary ranked better than 71.6% of elementary schools in Virginia. It also ranked first among 4 ranked elementary schools in the Lee County Public Schools District!


Avg Math Score

Avg Reading Score

Statewide Rank

Total # Ranked Elementary Schools

VA State Percentile

SchoolDigger Rating

2006 94.0 98.7 32nd 1036 96.9% 5 star ranking
2007 95.0 96.7 55th 1039 94.7% 5 star ranking
2008 94.7 98.3 48th 1037 95.4% 5 star ranking
2009 98.0 100.0 8th 1031 99.2% 5 star ranking
2010 93.3 88.7 480th 1063 54.8% 3 star ranking
2011 93.7 85.0 561st 1067 47.4% 2 star ranking
2012 74.7 95.0 263rd 1060 75.2% 4 star ranking
2013 84.8 73.8 298th 1050 71.6% 4 star ranking

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