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 FOOD CITY School Bucks 


The following is the correct link for parents to create their MyFoodCity account and link their school - 

Since 1990, Food City has donated millions to area schools. And helping us help our schools this year is easier than ever! To participate in the Food City School Bucks Program your school should first register using the link above "sign up for schools." Then parents, students, family and friends can register their individual ValuCards using the above "sign up for shoppers." Then a portion of the money you spend each time you shop at Food City benefits the school of your choice. It's that easy!


 After you register one time, you are set. In order for our school to receive points, you must buy at least $10.00 on participating brands in a single purchase, the school receives 1 point. Funds that Food City has made available will be prorated among participating schools according to points earned. Participating brands include Food City, ValuTime, Kay's, Terry's, Kern's, Lay's, Meats, Paws, Full Circle, Top Care, Bistro Deli Classics, Rosario's Academix, Domestix, Electrix, and World Classics. All money goes directly to the school, not the FFT.


Box Top & Label Collection News
Keep saving those Labels for Education, Campbell Soup Labels, and Tyson A+ Points for St. Charles Elementary School!!!

Here is the ultimate recycling. Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels and Tyson A+ Points recycled into materials for our school.

Give all labels to Ms. Gibbons. A  wonderful parent volunteer will be collecting, sorting and counting these labels, receipts and box tops so they many be turned in by the deadline each month. Keep collecting!


Click here to learn more about how the Box Tops for Education works.

Click here for additional information about Campbell's Labels for Education.

Click here to learn how the Tyson Project A+ works for our school.



Web Sites for research

Web Links:
  1. Grolier On-Line Grolier On-Line
    Welcome to Grolier Online. Grolier Online is published by Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc., a division of Scholastic Inc. It includes seven encyclopedia databases: Encyclopedia America, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, America the Beautiful, Lands and Peoples, and The New Book of Popular Science. Click here for comprehensive information on the many features available from within each of these encyclopedia databases.
  2. Proquest Proquest
    As a result of agreements with more than 9,000 publishers worldwide, we provide access to information from periodicals, newspapers, multimedia and image collections, out-of-print books, dissertations, and scholarly collections in various formats. Our ever-changing archives include more than 5.5 billion pages of information, spanning 500 years of scholarship, in formats that range from print to microform to digital.
  3. Proquest/E Library Proquest/E Library
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