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Engagement Key

            Through my engaged learning requirement and my involvement in campus ministry, I learned how my faith could be an instrument of justice that serves others. As an intern for the volunteer relations department of the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, I experienced first hand the social justice issues that plague Chicago, specifically homelessness and hunger. By working to lessen the pain of others, I began to see the world differently and to think more critically. In addition, I have served through the Campus Ministry office. As a Companion, I seek to build community among first year students and provide faith-based resources for them. Inspired by my Jesuit education and Loyola's mission, my experience with Companions and other Campus Ministry initiatives have instilled in me a deep desire to strive for magis and to find God in all things.

            During my year as intern at Catholic Charities, I learned about my own leadership style, my passion for community development and my need to be civically engaged. Every Tuesday I organized and volunteered at a supper that served 130 hungry men, women and children. I applied a servant leadership approach in which I served others with humility and love. My experience at a large nonprofit business emphasized the value of collaboration and engagement with society. I gained valuable skills including better communication, improved organization and a deeper awareness of social justice. I noticed that “social justice” is more than just a buzzword; it is a way of living.

           Just as my internship emphasized my social responsibility to justice, my experience with Loyola’s Campus Ministry let me put my faith into action. As a Companion, I recognized my call to be a man for others, one who offers support and compassion. I had the opportunity to attend the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference and present on the Companions program. This experience emphasized the theme of “first to love.” Companions aim to the first to love first year students, who might be home sick, spiritually lost or deeply confused. My role as a Companion has let me incorporate my faith into my service as I have learned to serve others with love.

Companions Peer Ministry

Since my sophomore year at Loyola, I have been a part of the Companions program through Campus Ministry. Companions seek to serve first year students by building community in the residence halls and providing faith based programs. In July of 2014, my co-coordinator and I traveled to Boston College and presented at the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference. The presentation gives an overview of Companions and offers a servant leadership approach to serving first year students.

Companions Peer Ministry

UNIV 390 Final Presentation

For the 2013-2014 academic year, I served as intern for the volunteer relations department of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. I also reflected upon my experience through the UNIV 390 course for the Social Justice Internship Program. This Prezi presentation gives an overview of my experience and what I learned during the year.

UNIV 390 Final Presentation

Check out my complete ePortfolio for the Social Justice Internship and UNIV 390.

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