EDLS3600 KHomant

EDLS3600 KHomant


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    Template for session readings reviews
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Session 1: Course Overview

Welcome & course overview

Session 2: Reading and Instructional Programming

Quiz prep


Class will be held in SH 308 on 2/3/14.

There is nothing due for today's class.  

Keep in mind that you will have 5 summaries of the readings that will be due by the end of the course. So pace yourself accordingly.


I'll have an outline for what the summaries should contain on Monday.


Have a great week!

Session 3: Assessment

As of now, class will still be held in SH 308.


Just a reminder that the format for the weekly reading summaries is available under the Syllabus link.  It is your choice as to which 5 readings you summarize.


There is nothing specifically due for the class on 2/10.


Please begin to work on getting placed at a school and meeting with a Target Student this week.




NY State Exam help




Session 4: Curriculum-Based measurement

Class will be held Thursday Feb. 20th

As of now class will be in the same room, SH 308.

See you then!


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  3. GN_Session_3 & 4 CBM GN_Session_3 & 4 CBM
    Notes for CMB start on pg 6


QUIZ for Wednesday's Non-attendance Class

Session 5: Phonics


Class will be held in the NAC 3/226, behind Dr. Leonard Lewis's office--in the conference room.

Article Summaries for the CAT assignment is Due 3/3, not 2/24.

This is Monday's session February 24th.

Session 6: Reading Fluency

Session 7: Vocabulary

Quiz Hints

Know explicit ways to teach vocabulary development

Know how to prepare students for reading a text for the first time

Know how long it takes to develop vocabulary

Session 9: Comprehension & Working with ELLs

QUIZ for Working with ELLS---Session 10: Reading & Writing

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  1. GN-Session 10 & 11 Reading and Writing GN-Session 10 & 11 Reading and Writing
  2. Helpful Writing Think Sheets Helpful Writing Think Sheets
    These are the slides that contained the writing sheets that your students may find helpful.
  3. Spafford & Grosser (2005) Spafford & Grosser (2005)

Session 11: Reading & Writing

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  1. Writing Strategies Writing Strategies
    Power Point from 11/18
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