Social Justice Internship 2016-17

Social Justice Internship 2016-17


This is an eportfolio about my experience as a Social Justice Intern through a program with nine other individuals at Loyola University Chicago. We were placed at two different organizations in the city and then came together once a month to discuss our experiences and reflect on what we were learning. This is a collaboration of all the work and experience I had as a Social Justice Intern. Below, I have defined what the program is and what the organizations mission is.                                                                                                                                                                              

Social Justice Internship Program: A year-long program that expects students to complete 250-275 hours of internship experience. Each of us had the opportunity to work at Catholic Charities or Misericorida. Only 10 of us were selected after a competitive application and interviewing process. Together we moved through this experience as a cohort. We met every few weeks as a group to reflect on our experiences and had the opportunity to community build. In the Spring, we received 3 hours of academic credit for our internship placement. Everyone received a 4,000 grant for completion of the requirements of the program. This helped pay for educational costs at our university. 

Misercordia's Mission: "to support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who choose our community by providing the highest quality residential, training, and employment services. We provide the full continuum of care designed to meet each person’s changing needs and maximize his or her independence, self-determination, interpersonal relationships, and engagement in the community. Through our dedicated families, employees, volunteers, supporters and community networks, we offer an environment that fosters each person’s spirituality, dignity, respect, and quality of life."


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