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Welcome to Miss Ingraham's Taskstream page! I hope you find this website helpful. If homework is changed, it will be reflected in your student's agenda.

 Science: my.hrw.com IF YOU FORGET YOUR HRW LOG IN..... USE: astudent2546 password s4v7d




Technology in Miss Ingraham’s room

Hard copies of textbooks are available for students to sign out.


Taskstream: This is my school website. This is for parents to view homework due dates and quiz/test announcements. I will post study guides here for parent viewing. Due to copyright issues, I am not able to post the specific assignments from the publisher because anyone who looks at my taskstream would be able to illegally download the material from the publisher. I do occasionally post things that I create here.


Google Classroom: This is a password protected application that your student may access using  his or her school gmail account. This allows students to edit work right in google drive and turn it in via Google Classroom to prevent lost work. It is also a place where I digitally post resources to save paper. If a student loses a paper copy of an assignment, he or she may print an additional copy from this application. The best feature is that I can post the exact worksheet that I am assigning from the curriculum because it is password protected. This is a HUGE advantage over the publisher website (discussed next) which can be difficult to navigate. I am working on a way to streamline exactly which assignment is due when and a clearer assignment labeling system. In the meantime, assignments and due dates are posted on taskstream as a back up. I will be sure to match the labels of the assignment on both Taskstream and Google Classroom so that the assignments have the same title in both places. This application keeps all assignments and notes in one digital folder for students in drive. Students do have to take multiple steps to convert a PDF into something they can edit via Google Classroom, but I try to convert most of those documents myself. Even if your student does not know how to convert the PDF, he or she can still read it in classroom and write the answers on a separate sheet of paper.


my.hrw.com: This is the website of the textbook publisher. It has a multitude of exciting features. For each book section that we read, I will post on taskstream (under the corresponding week) which book, chapter and section we are in. Your student may then use the website and their HRW code (provided earlier this month) to read the online textbook. There is also a feature where the textbook will read to your student. The interactive textbook feature provides material at a lower reading level and also offers more reading check questions to assist with understanding. Students are able to access and download materials from this site in word or PDF format, but it is cumbersome to navigate.


COPYRIGHT INFO: All images and work are from online sources of free information for teachers. All materials are to be used by parents/guardians and students for work in this course only and not for distribution.

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