Katie Isch - Professional Portfolio

Katie Isch - Professional Portfolio


About Me

I am Katie Isch, and I am from a small town in Northwest Indiana called Francesville. I moved to IUPUI in the fall of 2014.

Currently, I am a Junior majoring in Spanish and minoring in Chemistry. I am also a pre medical student, and plan to attend medical school once I graduate with my Bachelor of Arts. I chose Spanish as my major because of the prevalence of Spanish speaking patients in the medical field. I also believe that getting a degree in a liberal arts will help me become a well-rounded professional and learner. I have always very much enjoyed learning Spanish and plan to put that to use in my future profession.  

Throughout my educational career, I have had the opportunity to gain significant experience in the medical field. In high school I took a health occupations class, and did clinicals at various sites including clinics, emergency rooms, and outpatient surgery. During my senior year of high school I got my Indiana Certified Nurses Assistant certification. I worked for two years at the nursing home in my hometown. I also, throughout the course of my Freshman year at IUPUI volunteered at Riley Children's Hospital once a week. Currently, I work for a home health service as a caretaker. I feel that something unique about me in respect to the medical field is the compassion I have, both toward patients and their families. I have also cultivated some very helpful patient relation skills and am able to form healthy relationships with my residents at my work, along with learning to avoid cutting corners to save time. I have learned a great deal about patient interaction throughout the past two years or so in my life. One example of how I have used my skills in the medical field is a particular instance at my work. I was working with a resident and I was caryying on just doing my job, toileting and dressing a resident, and the resident expressed to me how greatly appreciated my work was. The resident thanked me for allowing them to take their time and being gentle. It was certainly a high moment in my job, and I learned how gratifying it is to work for people who appreciate it and I have a deep appreciation for allowing a patient to take care at his or her own pace and according to their preferences. 

I wanted to be a part of the Life and Health Sciences Internship to further my experiences in the medical field and work on my skills in research and building professional relationships. 

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