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About Forms and Surveys

The Form & Survey Builder enables you to create and share custom forms that can be:

  • Added to requirements in DRF templates, for distribution to Authors. Authors will be requested to complete the forms and submit to Reviewers and Evaluators for comments and evaluation.
  • Assigned to any DRF requirement as an Evaluation method.
  • Distributed as Surveys to Taskstream subscribers, via the TS Coordinator Launch & Manage Surveys tool.

Creating a Form

This guide provides step by step instructions for creating form that can either be embedded in a DRF Template or set via email as a survey.

Launch & Manage Surveys

This guide provides step by step instructions for launching an external survey in LAT.

Attaching Forms to a DRF

This guide provides instructions for embedding forms in a DRF Template as an evaluation method or for students to complete.

Author: Beth Ortiz
Last modified: 3/26/2018 3:20 PM (EDT)