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LAT Roles, Account Provisioning and Attributes

In LAT, there are multiple options to consider for provisioning accounts for different groups of users. Once accounts are created, they can be given one or more roles in the system. Accounts can also have specific attributes applied to assist with search and filtering capabilities within the platform.

The guides in this section will explain those options in detail.

LAT Roles

This guide will explain the various roles and permissions that can be assigned to a user in LAT.

LAT Account Creation Options

This guide will explain the options available for registering users in the LAT platform.

Demographics in LAT

Demographic descriptors provide a mechanism for an organization to gather specific information about the subscribers within that organization. Currently, this information is used to provide additional search parameters when generating reports on folio assessment program activity and performance.

The Demographic Descriptor guide will explain in detail how this information is utilized in LAT.

The Demographic Descriptor form is the document to send to our client support team to request those descriptors be enabled for your organization.

Author: Beth Ortiz
Last modified: 3/26/2018 2:20 PM (EST)