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Below you will find various guides for the tools and features that may be used by faculty in LAT.

Using a Taskstream Keycode

If faculty are responsible for registering for their LAT accounts, they will need the faculty keycode for their institution.

This guide will walk faculty through how to create their account using their keycode. Download this file and add the appropriate code. This document can then be emailed to any faculty that need an LAT account.

Evaluators in a DRF Program

Evaluators in LAT provide formal assessments on work submitted to the Directed Response Folio (DRF) using the evaluation methods assigned by the DRF creator.

This guide will walk faculty through accessing work submissions and/or requirements for students that need formal assessment. 

Analytics for Faculty

LAT includes dashboards to help users gain more insight into the work they are doing within the platform. 

The Faculty Dashboard will be available to any users who have been identified as a faculty within the system.

This guide will walk faculty through the steps of accessing and viewing their dashboard.

Generating Reports for Evaluators

Evaluators can generate reports on their completed evaluation results for any DRF, TPA or PACT program area. The report analyzes evaluation results in the form of a bar graph.

This guide will walk faculty through how to access and generate their own evaluation reports.


Reviewers in a program can view and provide comments on work that has been shared with them such as lessons, units, portfolios or artifacts that will eventually be submitted for formal assessment.

This guide will walk Reviewers through how to access work that has been shared with them and provide feedback.

Evaluation Management

Evaluation Managers in a DRF Program are responsible for the management of various aspects of evaluations.

Evaluation Management permissions are assigned individually, on a per-DRF Program, basis. An Evaluation Manager may be assigned differing responsibilities for each.

Evaluation Managers are responsible for:

  • Review of the evaluations
  • Editing of the evaluations, if necessary
  • In some cases, sending the evaluation reports to the Authors

If multiple evaluations are used for any of the requirements of the DRF, the Evaluation Manager can have additional privileges associated with reconciling multiple evaluations.

The Oversee Evaluations guide will walk Evaluation Managers through the aspects of the evaluation process for which they'll be responsible. The Reconciling Evaluations guide will walk Evaluation Managers through the steps of reconciliation in the cases where multiple evaluations of student submissions were required. 

Author: Beth Ortiz
Last modified: 3/26/2018 2:20 PM (EST)