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Welcome to the Minooka CCSD #201 Kindergarten Art website.  At your fingertips are schedules, student samples, art project info, upcoming events, National Core Arts Standards based lessons, a biography of your child's Art Teacher, and more. Enjoy!

Teacher Appreciation Week


WOW! All I can say is that the Teacher Appreciation Gifts I recieved this week made me melt! I have the gifts of Art hanging on my Wall of Fame at home, my teenager loves interpreting them and my toddler loves looking! I was happily overwhelmed with so much appreciation, but always know, just having the opportuity to spread confidence in creativity within your child is all I need. Have an awesome summer! 

Classroom Management


We are A.R.T.Smart every day:

Always put your seat number on your work,

Respect yourself, your school, and everything in it.

Think, be creative, and Try, Try, Try your hardest, everyday.

These are my Art Room Rules. We are Kindergarten, so our effort is what matters most. They are growing and learning. My promise to you is to provide them with lots of time to practice these rules before any action in my management plan will be taken. After the Thanksgiving Break (or when I feel they completely understand the expectations) I start the Plan: I place a child’s name on the 3 Strikes Board if they are "not-so-art-smart." On the 3rd, I will try my earn-a coloring-sheet method, then if this does not curve behavior, I email. No worries here! I know they will do just fine in my room! I too hold myself accountable for sticking to a fair, consistent, concise, classroom management/behavior plan.

Mrs. Rickmon’s Classroom Management promise to your child, and they will hear me say these words on the very first day of school, and again after Fall break:

“I promise to follow the classroom management plan exactly as we’ve learned it and every time someone misbehaves.”

“Also, I promise to never yell, scold, use sarcasm, or in any way treat you with disrespect.”

Sincerely, your K Art Teacher,

Mrs. Andrea M. Rickmon


Students wander in their thoughts while trying to nourish adolescent cravings, so naturally they are going to want to explore during school. Intertwining this yearning for academic satisfaction, along with social success desires into my lessons will help the student feel calm, fulfilled, and respected. Misbehavior is rooted in boredom, frustration, desire for attention, self-centeredness, threat to dignity, and strong curiosity. This classroom behavior will be controlled with my philosophy of discipline below.

I believe humans are born with admirable qualities, but their surroundings in society will change their behavior. There are many people in the United States with as many cultures as there are in the world, and all cultures constantly change. Therefore, in a classroom there will be a variety of misbehaviors, or breaking of the classroom norms.  When students break the rules, they need help to learn from these mistakes and shown how these mistakes can be a valuable learning experience each and every time. Mistakes are normal. The teacher and student will earn mutual trust and respect over time by implementing strong policies maintained by consistent, fair, consequences. They need time to practice. These mistakes will happen less, and student behavior thus improves.

Continual helpfulness and consideration are the two main ingredients of what I believe help shape desired student behavior.  Being constantly aware of each individual learning style, multiple intelligence, and considering cultural differences will help fulfill the need of having good rapport with my students in order to build that trust and respect we need to be a successful team. Since I believe in shaping student behavior, students who misbehave will be tightly guided, and many re-enforcers will be ready for both discipline cases and for those students who do behave properly. Prizes, special assignments, extra credit assignments, privileges, winks, nods, smiles, and encouraging words all will be used. The desire for attention is extreme in all age groups and the students will receive the attention they may be seeking appropriately.  

The students I have will learn an Art attitude with characteristics that are calm, satisfied, controlled, and wondrous but most of all, individual creativeness will be instilled.  My art room will have a nourishing environment rich in activities just above cognitive levels along with leadership and responsible roles for all students. Extremely intricate, creative, curriculum-based lessons will take place with ingredients that were designed by my past experiences, helpful feedback and concerns from previous students and teachers, my artistic abilities, and my knowledge of Art and Education. This will engage my family of students to the fullest extent to help prevent discipline problems so my classroom is as bright and colorful as the learners within it.

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    My promise to your child. Feel free to print a copy.

Educational Philosophy

Outstanding teachers must be skilled in the following: planning and preparation, the learning environment, instruction, and professionalism.  I believe the art teacher should create a variety of diverse, dynamic, thorough, layered, and creative art lessons for implementation.  To meet these goals and expectations, I will continually ponder, review, and re-build lessons and procedures.  To provide this superior instruction, I must constantly be aware of educational trends in content areas so I can blossom as a professional educator at a steady pace.

Diversity in the classroom will be addressed by the following: instructional design maximized by including standards, goals, objectives, task analysis', technology, assessment, and differentiated instruction effectively.   My readiness will create layered, tiered lessons, for a variety of learning styles including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic while remembering Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory will be remembered in my assessments by helping to clarify why students are putting forth the effort shown.  Student choice in my art class is essential such as tiered choice boards, while providing intra-student surveys as well as using "exit-tickets" often to provide me with feedback.  Current Illinois standards will be met successfully while using cross-curricular units when possible and bringing the National Core Arts Standards into full effect.  To address the former successfully, I must be organized: when obtaining new and innovative information from workshops, seminars, conferences, and meetings about differentiated instruction and such, keeping these files/notes organized by hard-copy as well as digitally will be essential.  This will ensure effective retrieval when needed for implementation. Regular, positive parental contact and involvement will be maintained as well as art education within the community.

I started drawing solo at a very young age,  and continue to learn how to succeed in the professional world of art on a daily basis while loving motherhood and creating new chapters in life with my husband. This natural, faithful, multi-tasking I embody, is a characteristic essential for running a superior classroom.  While continually creating clients for my free-lance art career of drawing, painting, murals, and greeting cards, I aspire to use this professionalism to entice, inspire, and excite the art student into understanding that problem-solving while using creativity is indispensable for everyday life.

Creating is a skill I love, but at the forefront of my choices are to educate that along side an indisputable love for children that I discovered in myself as a confident, content, caring adult.


American Academy of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Major in Illustration, Minor in Digital Design 

University of Phoenix Online, Masters in Secondary Education 

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