Technology Integration (EDC5158 - Fall 2014)

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Audio Podcasting

The following project involves technology integration that leverages all of the benefits inherent in audio podcasting.

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  1. Audio Podcast - Newton's Law of Inertia Audio Podcast - Newton's Law of Inertia
    Click here to listen to my podcast. It might be helpful if you look at the podcast script while following along. The length is roughly ninety seconds and one can see how I link Newton’s Law of Inertia to the athletic activities in which my students already willingly participate. The beauty of podcasts lies in their portability, repeatability, and 24/7 accessibility.
  2. Audio Podcast Script Audio Podcast Script
    Audio podcasts are not only composed of words. Typically, there is the timely, almost rhythmic, insertion of appropriate sound effects. If one looks at the written script that I have created, one can follow along with the audio by recognizing that my speech is indicated by text of regular font, while, text in brackets and italics are the descriptive sound effects. If one has never heard or considered creating an audio podcast, I encourage you to take a quick listen to mine.
  3. Audio Podcast Technology Integration Plan Audio Podcast Technology Integration Plan
    The audio podcast was my favorite project because it permitted me to exploit my creativity in mixing many distinct concepts that I enjoy, teaching academic content that I find just as captivating. Through said podcast, I connected theory to practice, briefly covering Newton’s Law of Inertia by connecting it to the athletic activities in which the majority of my students engage. Hence, pay particular attention to how I related a key academic concept to one that my students found engaging and produced the intended result of them taking a stronger interest in the academic material. I, myself, am a big sports fan and via the inclusion of vintage sports highlights, popular music, and comical sound effects into the podcast, it immediately attracted their undivided attention; it also provided comic relief and provided them with some information regarding Newton’s first law of motion.
Author: Tracy Katzke
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