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The faculty in the Early Childhood and Childhood Education department at SUNY Cortland believe that observation and practice in the field is central to our programs. These programs allow our candidates to gain a variety of pre-professional experiences in classrooms and child care settings. During field experiences, the candidates will be provided with such experiences as:

* Working with students, school personnel, and parents

* Planning and instructing within a classroom

* Creating and managing a Learning Environment

* Using Teaching and Assessment Strategies

* Supporting curriculum through technology

* Becoming familiar with New York State Teaching Standards

* Becoming a Professional Educator

* Developing as a reflective teacher

Taskstream Code for Students

Web Links:
  1. Taskstream Information for all Childhood Majors Taskstream Information for all Childhood Majors
    Please go the Taskstream section of the URL and follow the directions for purchasing Taskstream. Additional information is also supplied on how and why Taskstream is used on our program.
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