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Informs Assessment

Examples of changes to the assessment process based on information collected

Each year, changes are made to the assessment process. Below is a list of changes made between 2011 and 2016.

  • Assessment information and tracking were taking place in the institution’s LMS, Moodle, which was inefficient and largely un-used by faculty. In the summer of 2011, faculty evaluated several outcomes based applications and settled on Taskstream. The use of Taskstream was implemented in fall 2011.

  • Created the Taskstream Reporting Form to aid instructors in completing their Assessment Reports

  • Provided support to each division during Assessment Days

  • Hired a student worker to support instructor efforts

  • Created instructional videos for use of Taskstream and guidance on writing reports.

  • Added the Prior Year Review form to the Annual Report

  • Added the Sharing Event to the Assessment Day agenda

  • Complied and disseminated reminders to Chairs, Coordinators and faculty at key points to support assessment efforts

  • Created the certification and verification process for Essential Studies (General Education) courses

  • Added Capstone courses to the verification process

  • Improved the Annual Reporting forms, rubrics and worksheets

  • Improved Taskstream set up for Essential Studies process based on reviewer feedback

  • New emphasis on locally developed Alumni surveys

Author: Mayville Manager
Last modified: 5/4/2016 1:06 AM (EDT)