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Collect Information

Since MSU’s last HLC accreditation, a philosophy shift has occurred in the purpose of general education as a basic set of courses/experiences to the development of integrative skill sets essential for academic and career success. As such, MSU’s general education program is referred to as Essential Studies (ES). It is focused on core competencies for realizing career potential and enhancing life in relation to twenty-first-century challenges.

1. Demonstrate that the institution collects information about student outcomes.

The institution requires that all courses taught in a given semester as part of a major or minor program are included in a 2 year cycle of assessment. Essential Studies courses are assessed each year. Examples are 1) the 2013-2015 BSED BIOL curriculum map/assessment schedule and 2) the assessment schedule for ELO2 Critical Thinking 2014-2015. Courses are assessed based on when they are taught, by whom, and by delivery mode. In a given two year cycle, courses must be assessed at least once for each instructor/delivery mode combination. Delivery mode is defined as Campus = courses taught on campus, on demand and via Interactive Video Network (IVN). Distance = strictly online, dual credit and hybrid. 

The information collected about student outcomes is outlined in the Taskstream Reporting Form and entered into Taskstream based on program and assessment cycle. Fields include an assessment plan with an attached copy of the activity description and rubric, a summary of assessment findings with anonymous student examples, action plans and status reports. Each Major/Minor and Essential Studies course assessment activity can be summarized using the Assessment Cycle Detail Report in Taskstream. The major in BSED BIOL and Essential Studies ELO2 Critical Thinking are examples.

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Last modified: 5/4/2016 1:06 AM (EDT)