University of Richmond General Education & Academic Program Assessment 2017 - 2022

University of Richmond General Education & Academic Program Assessment 2017 - 2022

Welcome to the website for academic program and general education assessment at UR!

The goal of assessment at the University of Richmond is to gather evidence that demonstrates how well students are learning what our programs are designed to teach, and to use that information to make our programs even more effective.

Each fall, academic programs must submit an annual assessment plan to our office, and in June, they must submit a report summarizing the assessment results. The assessment specialist will review the assessment plans and work with programs as needed to refine them.

This site houses the published assessment plans and reports submitted by academic programs for the 2008-09 through current assessment cycles.  All of the information on this site has been loaded into our Accountability Management System published to this site. Information for years prior to 2013-14 was loaded into the Accountability Management System from our old MS Word template. Each year we will update all of the plans and assessment reports and post them here to allow faculty to easily access them. One password is required to view the assessment webpages. If you do not remember the password, contact

Each academic program's webpage has the following components:

General Information is the main page and has a brief description of the program. We have loaded in some basic information but programs can customize this however they choose.

Standing Requirements has the academic program's mission statement and learning outcomes. 

Then there are pages for each assessment cycle that the academic program has participated in. In each annual cycle, the program selects the outcomes it is going to assess in the Assessment Plan and then adds in the results in the Assessment Findings. If there is no plan listed for the current year, it means that program has not yet submitted it.

Since Fall 2013, academic programs have been able to use the Accountability Management System to submit assessment plans and reports. If a program chooses to continue using the MS Word templates, then we will enter it into the system for archival purposes. 

Click on the navigation menu on the left to access the assessment plans and reports.

Author: University of Richmond Manager
Based on original work by: Patty Murphy
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