University of Richmond Administrative Planning and Evaluation 2017 - 2022

University of Richmond Administrative Planning and Evaluation 2017 - 2022

Welcome to the website for administrative planning and evaluation at UR!

The goal of administrative planning and evaluation is for departments to gather evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of their services. Depending on their education mission, some may include learning outcomes, but generally, most outcomes will be process- or satisfaction-focused.

Each year in September, administrative departments must submit an annual plan for the outcomes they intend to measure in the coming year. When developing an annual plan, departments should work with their vice president (Academic Affairs, Advancement, Business and Finance, Enrollment Management, Information Services, or Student Development) to ensure that the plan aligns, when appropriate and desirable, with division-wide initiatives or goals. The assessment specialist will review evaluation plans and work with departments as needed to refine them. Also, beginning in 2014-15, in addition to submitting the evaluation plan, administrative departments must submit an action plan at the same time. This plan should outline at least one action that will be taken for continuous improvement in response to the previous year's evaluation results and experience. 

In July, an evaluation report summarizing the results from the previous year should be submitted. At the same time, a status report summarizing the status of the steps outlined in the action plan should also be submitted. We also recommend holding a department or division-wide summer staff retreat to share the reports and the plans for the coming year.

This site houses the published evaluation plans and reports submitted by administrative offices for the 2008-09 through the current evaluation cycles.  Evaluation plans and reports for the cycles prior to 2012-13 have been loaded into our new Accountability Management System from our old MS Word templates and published to this site. All subsequent cycles have been completed within the Accountability Management System and published to this site. Each year we will update all of the plans and evaluation reports and post them here to allow staff to easily access them. One password is required to view the evaluation webpages. If you do not remember the password, contact 

Each administrative area's evaluation webpage has the following components:

General Information is the main page and has a brief description of the office. We have loaded in some basic information but administrative areas will be able to customize this however they choose.

Standing Requirements has the mission statement and goals. For each goal there is also one or more outcomes. If an outcome corresponds directly and clearly to a principle or goal in The Richmond Promise, it will be mapped to it. (Otherwise it will say "no mapping.")

Then there are pages for each evaluation cycle that the administrative area has participated in. In each annual cycle, the administrative area selects the goals and affiliated outcomes it is going to evaluate in the Evaluation Plan and then adds in the findings in the Evaluation Report. If there is no plan listed, it means the administrative area has not yet submitted it.

We will also use this website as documentation of our planning and evaluation process for SACSCOC.

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File Attachments:
  1. Goal Mapping to Richmond Promise Goal Mapping to Richmond Promise
    Report generated from AMS that shows which administrative areas have outcomes mapped directly to The Richmond Promise prinicples and goals.
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