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Standards Acc. 2021


Idaho Online Teacher Standards

Endorsement Overview

This is an add-on endorsment for certified teachers taken in conjunction with the Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology (not Initial certification).

21 credit Online-Teacher (K-12)

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The OTE program at ISU has had four students complete the coursework and internship requirements and been recommended to the Idaho State Department of Education to receive the Online Teacher endorsement.

The first two completed the OTE program in spring semester of 2015, both defending their internship in April.  The second pair finished the program in 2016.

A fifth student was to have finished the program in spring 2017 but has not yet completed all of the materials necessary.  Two more students will be undertaking their internship experience in spring semester of 2019.


The OTE program at ISU is closely connected to the Masters degree of Education in Instructional Design & Technology.  As a result of the M. Ed. In ID&T undergoing a complete revision, the courses that were originally listed for the OTE have been replaced with new courses.  Further, the courses for the M. Ed. In ID&T were only fully implemented in fall semester of 2018.  This schedule, combined with the expected change in the standards for the OTE have resulted in the plan to fully re-examine and re-align the new courses with the new online endorsement standards.

Performance Evidence

Online Teacher Endorsement Standards Alignment.doc

Assessment Reports (password protected)

Knowledge Documentation Collection

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