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Purpose of Taskstream

Benefits for Students

Being a student is demanding. With Taskstream you can stay organized with one centralized place to create, submit, share, and store all of your work online. But Taskstream isn’t just a place to turn in assignments. With Taskstream, you can also do all of this:
  • Request and receive feedback from others, such as instructors and peers, for improving your work.
  • Turn your work into high-impact online portfolios that showcase your experience, skills, and achievements through a variety of media, such as video, mp3, web links, slideshows, and file attachments.
  • Create multiple, targeted showcases of your work to show employers, schools, and others what you know and can do.
  • Share your portfolios in a variety of ways, including email, password-protected or open access web pages, PDF documents, or CD/DVD.
  • Look back on work you’ve done throughout your program and reflect upon your personal growth.
  • Maintain your portable record of work samples and accomplishments even after you graduate.
With Taskstream, your instructors can make your learning experience more powerful by doing the following:
  • Setting clear expectations for your learning over time.
  • Mapping out a progression of critical assignments throughout your academic program.
  • Providing you with rich feedback, beyond a letter grade or score.
In addition to the benefits you receive as a student, educators at your school can use the data they collect from scoring your work to help them assess their effectiveness as educators.


Author: ISU College of Education Manager
Last modified: 12/11/2017 6:10 PM (EDT)