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eportfolio system

Taskstream is the home for your teacher education experience. As needed, you will upload assignments, assessment reports, and portfolio artifacts. You will also be able to view your Field Experience and Student Teaching Placements. Taskstream is intended to provide transparent communication between advisors, faculty, and education candidates.

Taskstream for Students at Idaho State University

  • Students purchase Taskstream directly online at the Taskstream Website. 
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she has an active Taskstream account, is enrolled in the correct folio(s), and submits his/her assignments to the correct evaluator.


Taskstream supports ISU's accreditation with both CAEP and the State. We must provide evidence that we are meeting standards in the same way you are responsible for providing evidence you can meet the Idaho Initial Certification Standards.

Author: ISU College of Education Manager
Last modified: 8/20/2018 3:03 PM (EST)