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Pathways to Teacher Preparation

The State of Idaho Department of Education has created multiple pathyways for you to become a certified educational professional. Because of the various pathways, there are complex policies in place that indicate what classes and tests you must take (and pass) to be certified, and what classes you can teach once you are certified.


In the College of Education, there are three main gateways in that process. These gateways serve as a means to help you know which milestones you have met, and also to create an opportunity to complete each gateway before moving to the next one. This ensures for both you and ISU that you have met the State requirements and do not have unhappy suprises for unmet expectations.


Here in the College of Education, we support three major pathways to certification. Use the links below to find out more:

  1. Traditional (or Accelerated)
  2. SPED Partnership Program
  3. Master of Arts in Teaching



Author: ISU College of Education Manager
Last modified: 12/11/2017 6:10 PM (EDT)