School Counseling Program Handbook

School Counseling Program Handbook


 The intended purpose of the Graduate Student Handbook for the School Counseling Program is to inform and provide general information about the mission of the University, the Graduate Institutional Learning Goals and the five specific areas of student learning deemed essential to education to accomplish these goals. Information provided also pertains to the framework of the College of Education, the School Counseling Program, its curriculum, and specific program requirements and expectations.


Together with the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate Student Handbook for the School Counseling Program is a resource for students and serves as a guide for their journey through the program. All students admitted to the School Counseling Program are required to familiarize themselves with the contents of the handbook, program information set forth, as well as the requirements outlined in the Graduate Catalog. The most recent versions of program procedures are available for use by candidates, on-site counselor supervisors, university instructors, university supervisor and administrators.



Program Contacts

Graduate Services

Wendy Wilson



School Counseling Program Coordinator

Dr. Jenna Epstein

Frostburg Campus, Framptom Hall 207-8

Phone: 301-687-4422

USMHagerstown Campus, Bldg 60 West Office 155

Phone: 240-527-2770


FSU Office of Clinical and Field Experience

Mr. Toby Eirich, Clinicial and PDS Coordinator



Ms. Denise Arnold, Admin Assist II

Frostburg Campus



Ms. Toni Hathaway, Admin Assist I

USMHagerstown Campus






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Last modified: 11/15/2021 2:12 PM (EDT)