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Business BS

Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Students demonstrate knowledge of business including the areas of accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, finance, marketing, legal and social environment, information systems, international issues, and operations management. 

1.A Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental accounting principles.

1.B Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental economic principles.

1.C Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental management theories.

1.D Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental quantitative business analytical concepts.

1.E Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental financial concepts.

1.F Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental marketing concepts.

1.G Students demonstrate an understanding of the legal environment.

1.H Students will demonstrate knowledge of the social environment and issues in business.

1.I Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental information systems concepts.

1.J Students will demonstrate knowledge of international issues in business.

1.K Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental operations management concepts.

Goal 2: Students are capable decision makers using problem solving methods, tools, technology, critical thinking skills, and ethical reasoning. 

2.A Students use relevant information and appropriate technology to arrive at sound business recommendations.

2.B Students apply quantitative methods appropriately to solve business problems.

2.C Students are able to critically evaluate evidence that is relevant in making a decision.

2.D Students demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues affecting business.

2.E Students effectively use appropriate software for evaluating business problems.

Goal 3: Students are effective in business communications through various modes.

3.A Students deliver effective audience-centered individual presentations.

3.B Students deliver effective audience-centered team presentations.  

3.C Students deliver an individual, technology- mediated presentation.  

3.D Students compose effective, audience-centered business documents. 

Goal 4: Students demonstrate professional conduct in business settings.

4.A Students will demonstrate a knowledge of attire appropriate for various professional settings.  

4.B Students will demonstrate professional dependability.  


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