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Management MS

Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and principles of organizational behavior, management and ethics. 

1.A Students will demonstrates/apply knowledge of terminology, theories and principles of management.

1.B Students will demonstrate/apply knowledge of terminology, theories and principles of organizational behavior.

1.C Students will demonstrate/apply knowledge of terminology, theories and principles of ethics.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate knowledge of leadership theory and practice that prepares them to lead effectively. 

2.A Students will demonstrate knowledge of theories and principles of organizational leadership.

2.B Students will apply leadership skills to advance personal, organizational and/or community goals.

2.C Students will demonstrate the ability to  persuade  others; build consensus; gain cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals.

2.D Students will understand and appropriately apply principles, procedures, and policies related to project management.  

Goal 3: Students use problem solving methodologies to evaluate given information and use critical thinking skills to arrive at appropriate recommendations.

3.A Students will examine information and then understand what it means, and what it represents. 

3.B Students will identify and analyze problems; weigh relevance and accuracy of information; generate and evaluate alternative solutions; make recommendations.

3.C Students will formulate objectives, priorities and implement plans consistent with the long-term interest of the organization.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and skills of organizational communication.

4.A Students demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

4.B Students will display effective interpersonal skills.

4.C Students will write in a clear, concise, organized, and convincing manner for the intended audience.        

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