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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment - Purpose

Learning outcomes assessment informs evidence-based decisions about teaching and learning. Data gathered from outcomes assessment is used for decision making to continuously improve student learning, performance, and achievement. Outcomes assessment requires identifying expected outcomes, gathering evidence on student performance, analyzing and interpreting the data, using data results to make changes that improve student performance, and following up on changes made.

All curriculum programs at SPCC have program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes.

Program learning outcomes answer the question, “What kind of skills, knowledge, or attitudes should graduates demonstrate after completing this academic program?” Program learning outcome statements focus on the broad skill sets and knowledge that are specific to that academic program. Program advisors can help students discover what will be learned in their program of choice.

Course learning outcomes describe the knowledge and skills that will be learned in a course. Course learning outcomes are the building blocks that form the foundation for the program learning outcomes. Check your course syllabus to find the learning outcomes specific to that course.

As an institution, SPCC has identified five (5) core skill outcomes that graduates of every associate’s degree program should acquire. This is a general set of skills that employees in any field or industry should demonstrate to operate as a competent and valuable employee.

Results of all learning outcomes assessments are analyzed by instructors using data from assessments submitted in Taskstream, the College’s online assessment management system. Decisions about continuous improvement in learning are made in a systematic way to determine what students have learned and how learning can be improved. Regulatory and accrediting bodies expect institutions to embrace the student learning outcomes assessment process. The College therefore reserves the right to share samples of student work with these entities when necessary.

Learning Outcomes Assessment at SPCC - Video

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