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Prompt: Pathways Event


For this prompt, we had to write about a pathways program event that we've attended. I chose one about video games, because it's in line with my interests. It started with a programming activity that has the intent to express that anyone can program. It evolved into this bigger discussion about video games in general, which I had a lot to say about. I expressed how I thought video games were a form of art, and shared a few of my favorite ones with the group. We talked about a lot, but my takeaway from it was that I got to share my passion for games with other people. It was refreshing to talk to someone other than my family and like-minded friends about it and expand their opinion on games. Since they played a big part in forming who I am today, this meant a lot to me.

Author: Katia McCleaf
Last modified: 2/21/2023 3:25 PM (EDT)