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My experience with MMOs

Despite being a big gamer, I've never had much taste for Massively Multiplayer Online Games (or MMOs). Despite the massive welcoming communities, something about them never clicked with me. I tried Runescape when I was very young, and it didn't catch my attention for more than an hour. In my teenage years, I tried Guild Wars 2, and I stuck with it for longer but it didnt stick either. However, recently, me and my friends have gotten into the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, and I've fallen in love. The expansive world, welcoming community, and amazing story has grasped me. I started to think what was different about this time, and I thought that maybe it was because, this time, I had friends. Not to discount the special parts of FFXIV, of course, but having friends definitely helps stick with a game like this. It was a realization, and made me realize I'd been approaching these games wrong, and has shifted my viewpoint of these sorts of games.

Author: Katia McCleaf
Last modified: 2/21/2023 3:25 PM (EDT)