Ruby Oram

Ruby Oram




Program: PhD, United States History and Public History

Dissertation: Useful for Life: Women, Girls, and Vocational School Reform in Chicago, 1880-1930

Committee: Timothy Gilfoyle (chair), Elizabeth Fraterrigo, Elliott Gorn, Kate Rousmaniere

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Office: Crown Center 552, Lakeshore Campus


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I am a PhD candidate in the history department at Loyola University Chicago pursuing a joint doctorate degree in United States history and public history. My research focuses on women and gender, labor, education, and urban history in the 19th and 20th centuries. My dissertation, "Useful for Life: Women, Girls, and Vocational School Reform in Chicago, 1880-1930," explores how competing efforts to educate female students for work in the home, office, and factory shaped the development of vocational programs in progressive-era Chicago. 

For more information about my research and public history work, please visit my website.

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