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Writing and Rhetoric Toolbox

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  1. Action Verb List Action Verb List
  2. Active and Passive Voice Active and Passive Voice
    How to improve your writing by using active and passive voice appropriately
  3. Antihesis Assignment Antihesis Assignment
    Please write your answers directly on the sheet provided.
  4. Appositives Explained Appositives Explained
  5. Argumentative Writing: Types of Evidence Argumentative Writing: Types of Evidence
  6. Basic Essay Structure Basic Essay Structure
    A writing packet with the basics of composing a five paragraph essay. Includes information about thesis statments, coherence, incorporating quotations, etc. It also includes many Internet links to useful writing sites(26 pages)
  7. Conquering the Comma Conquering the Comma
    A PowerPoint presentation from the OWL @ Purdue University. This presentation can help reduce run-on sentences and comma splice errors in your writing.
  8. Diction Analysis Diction Analysis
    Complete this after reading the "Diction Handout"
  9. Diction Handout Diction Handout
    A general explanation/list of the types of diction; includes examples.
  10. Diction Practice Diction Practice
    Complete this after reading the "Diction Hanout."
  11. Ethos, Pathos, Logos Appeals Ethos, Pathos, Logos Appeals
  12. Five Paragraph Essay Form Five Paragraph Essay Form
  13. Graphic Organizer Rhetorical Analysis Graphic Organizer Rhetorical Analysis
  14. Graphic Organizer: Comparison Contrast Graphic Organizer: Comparison Contrast
  15. Graphic Organizer: Comparison Contrast 2 Graphic Organizer: Comparison Contrast 2
  16. Incorporating Quotations into Writing Incorporating Quotations into Writing
  17. Introductory, Transistional, Concluding Paragraphs Introductory, Transistional, Concluding Paragraphs
    Notes on how to improve these paragraphs in an essay
  18. Literary Terms List Literary Terms List
  19. MLA Format Sample Paper MLA Format Sample Paper
  20. MLA PowerPoint Presentation MLA PowerPoint Presentation
    The basics of MLA format from the OWL @ Purdue University.
  21. More Tone Words More Tone Words
  22. Multiple Choice Section Strategies Multiple Choice Section Strategies
  23. Oxymoron, Paradox and Antithesis Oxymoron, Paradox and Antithesis
  24. Paragraph Unity Paragraph Unity
    How to achieve unity among paragraphs in your essay.
  25. Polysyndeton and Asyndeton Polysyndeton and Asyndeton
  26. Rhetorical Devices Rhetorical Devices
    In a PDF - PowerPoint Form
  27. Rhetorical Packet Rhetorical Packet
  28. SOAPStone Analysis SOAPStone Analysis
  29. Style/Rhetorical Analysis Style/Rhetorical Analysis
  30. The Synthesis Question The Synthesis Question
    Overview and Strategies
  31. Thesis Statements Thesis Statements
    A solid explanation of what a good thesis statement is and is not.
  32. Tone Words Tone Words
  33. Variety in Sentence Structure Variety in Sentence Structure
    This handout, including exercises, explains loose and periodic sentences.
  34. Weak Words to Avoid Weak Words to Avoid
  35. Writing Argumentative Papers Writing Argumentative Papers
    A brief overview of how to organize your argument from the OWL @ Purdue University.
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