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Research Interests

Applied and Novel Superconductivity, Ultra-low Temperature Physics, Nanomaterials, Quantum Computing, Quantum Fluids, Physics Education.


Quantum Device Laboratory: Probing Quantum Mechanics at Low Temperatures

Our Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory has low-temperature transport characterization facilities that allow us to study electrical transport and quantum mechanical properties in materials and devices. Recent focus is on the studying the energy gap of novel superconductors and quantum and classical behavior of Josephson Junctions. We have a cryocooler that goes down to 2 Kelvin (2 degrees above absolute zero) in under two hours, and a helium-3 cryostat that has a base temperature of 330 milli-Kelvin. Our undergraduate research collaborators are trained in the area of ultra-low temperature physics and routinely present papers at international conferences, including the American Physical Society meetings.

Author: Roberto Ramos
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