Redmond Working Portfolio

Redmond Working Portfolio


First Semester

Learning and Teaching

Education of Bilingual Children

Teaching, Learning and Technology

Computer Alien (Lg.) This is the first technology class I took.
Assignment1: Please see Blackboard discussion
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  1. Assignment 5:  Graphic Presentation Assignment 5: Graphic Presentation
  2. Student Teaching Video Student Teaching Video
    This is a clip of me Teaching at The School on The Hill school. In this clip I am delivering the lesson on Missions you can view the plan itself in the lesson section of this portfolio
Web Links:
  1. Copyright webquest Copyright webquest
    This is the website for this class

Assignment 1: Discussion Board Interactions

Critical Thinking Discussion posting:  What technology skills do teachers need to be effective?
Assignment 1: After reviewing both the CA Technology Standards for teachers and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, please share your impressions of what teachers are being asked to know and be able to do. Consider the discovery question: What technology skills do teachers need to be effective?

Assignment 2: CTAP Proficiency Pre/Post-testing Graphs

Assignment 3: Teacher Tech Toolbox

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  1. Technology Toolbox Technology Toolbox
Web Links:
  1. Toolbox Link Toolbox Link

Assignment 4: Teacher Technology Toolbox

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  1. Animals of Yosemite.jpg Animals of Yosemite.jpg
  2. Teaching and Learning with Technology Web Links Teaching and Learning with Technology Web Links
    This is the sample file that Scharf/Goldstein created

Assignment 5: Graphic Presentations

Assignment 6: Classroom Policies Webquest

4 classroom policies appropriate your anticipated teaching grade level:  
A Closing the Equity Gap
B Copyright, Fair-use, and Ethics (Plagiarism)
C Privacy and student safety on the Internet
D  Assessing the authenticity, reliability, and bias of web-based data

Assignment 7: Software Reviews and Lesson Plan

Post 2 pdf files (software reviews) and link to at least one TS lesson plan with all areas completed.

Assignment 8: Issues Group Project & Presentation

Add a description here of the topic you chose:  multiculturalism, needs of English language learners (EL) , diversity, special education, gender, equity, etc.

Mid-Term Exam

This is my response to the mid-term discussion question.
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  1. License Agreement for Acrobat License Agreement for Acrobat
    this is a MS Word document

Final Reflection on Weekly Journal - Documenting your growth

MS C & I: Early Literacy

Teaching Adolescents

Second Semester

SS C & I: Academic Literacy

SS C & I: English/Social Studies

SS C & I: Math/Science

SS C & I: Teaching Field

Teaching for Diversity & Social Justice

SS Student Teaching I

Health Education

Education of Exceptional Children

Philosophy Statement

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  1. Animals of Yosemite.jpg Animals of Yosemite.jpg

TPA Task 1 Scenario 4

Lesson Plan

Group Report

Third Semester

SS Student Teaching II

SS Student Teaching III

Teacher Portfolio Development

Master's Courses

Research Methods

Master's Field Project

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