Shannon H. Rogers, Ph.D

Shannon H. Rogers, Ph.D


Welcome to my webpage!  This page is meant to highlight my experience with and enthusiasm for solving environmental challenges through engaged scholarship that bridges academia with the surrounding community.  The pages here are largely focused on my teaching experience and are a culmination of a wonderful program I participated in during my doctorate degree:  The Cognate in College Teaching through the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at the University of New Hampshire


Recent publications and news stories:

Social Capital & Walkability as Social Aspects of Sustainability.  Sustainability. 2013  Free, open access peer reviewed journal article

Carsey Institute Issue Brief 38, 2014:  Walking Builds Community Cohesion: Survey of Two New Hampshire Communities Looks at Social Capital and Walkability

New Hampshire Residents Use and Value Water Resources in Many Ways.  Report, Data, and Executive Summary.  2014.  



I am an experienced sustainability researcher, educator, and consultant.  In September 2011 I received my doctorate degree from the University of New Hampshire in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies with a focus on Sustainability Science.  During my graduate program, I was selected as a U.S. EPA Science to Achieve Results Fellow (one of only ~30 nationally recognized students each year) and conducted engaged scholarship on measuring sustainability. Among other consulting projects, I served as English Language Editor for the United Nation’s Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment. After graduating, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources and continue to engage with this agency on sustainability related issues.

Prior to my graduate degree, I worked for Industrial Economics, Inc. where I assisted with the project management of EPA’s Performance Track, a voluntary program that helped businesses assess and report on their environmental outcomes.  I also conducted ability to pay analyses for Superfund violators.  I graduated cum luade with honors in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College and am involved with community sustainability issues in New Hampshire as a member of the Dover Energy Advisory Committee and Sustainable Portsmouth.


Please look around and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!  I am currently an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Policy at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  I teach coures in Ecological Economics, Environmental Ethics, and Decision Making as well as advise graduate students.  I also have the pleasure of serving as Ecological Economist for our Center for the Environment at PSU.   Please feel free to contact me at 



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