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The Building Blocks

The following slide show is a sneak peek at the pieces collected thus far. The expectation, based upon feedback and recent interactions, has given way to the anticipation of at least 50 blocks of stitched treasures and accompanying stories by varied artists. With this foresight, and roughly 40 pieces already in hand, as well as knowledge of general size constraints of most quilters' frames, plans are underway to create at least two quilts out of the vast array of blocks. Some of the designs did not meet the exact instructions; however, this was also anticipated, in advance. It was determined that such pieces would not be turned away for the lack of adherence to a particular methodology, but embraced for the uniqueness both in design and personal reflection. The final rendering of the quilts will be adapted accordingly once all submissions are received; a hard deadline of March 15, 2022 is in place in order to have ample time in which to complete the sewing of the sashing, sublimation of the handwritten stories, as well as the hand-quilting and binding of stitches in time. 

Collective Progress

Author: Amy Tetterton
Last modified: 7/5/2022 9:52 AM (EDT)