Math Kids (Sm.)

Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Elementary School

This course will investigate the teaching and learning of mathematics in the elementary school.  Emphasis will be placed on issues surrounding content knowledge, curriculum, pedagogy, epistemology, and assessment with respect to national initiatives and instructional techniques impacting elementary school mathematics. With a focus on the practical and reflective aspects of teaching, the course will emphasize a problem-solving approach to teaching and learning mathematics aligned with the Principles and Standards of School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000) and the CurriculumFocal Points (NCTM, 2006). This course will have particular emphasis on verbal and written language as tools for facilitating mathematical understanding. Further, we will examine mathematics education research and contemporary issues influencing mathematics education today.


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    These are our initial community agreements - agreed upon 1/17/12
  2. Syllabus Spring 2012 Syllabus Spring 2012
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  1. Background Survey Link Background Survey Link
    Please complete this online survey within the first week (or so) of class. Knowing more about your background will help us to adjust the class to meet your needs.
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