Elk Knob Elementary School .... Strengthening our Community One Child at a Time

Elk Knob Elementary School .... Strengthening our Community One Child at a Time


Elk Knob Elementary serves students in Head Start through grade 5.

Our Web-Site is updated regularly to provide effective communication for parents and community.

Welcome to our school!

Elk Knob faculty and staff work diligently to insure children receive the best education possible. The faculty and staff promote an environment conducive to learning, where learning is fun!  Our vision is that children will obtain a strong educational foundation that will lead to life-long learning. Students learn best when a strong relationship exists between faculty/staff and students.  We feel mutual respect is essential for student learning. Effective communication and parent/community involvement is also imperative.

Elk Knob strives to promote effective communication between school, students, parents, and community.  Information is shared via the PowerAnnouncer calling system, student planners, class newsletters and our school newsletter.  

Our School Report Card is located on the Virginia Department of Education Web Site.....please access by going to


Our school is proud of the academic accomplishments we have made!   Please contact Lisa J. Willis, Principal, for information about our School Improvement Plan.

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Elk Knob Elementary School

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